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RBC Group

RBC Group is an international consulting company specializing in the implementation, localization and technical support of the world-known ERP-system Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. We implement projects on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, all the CIS countries and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our global expertise coupled with local presence, quality of our projects and support services, testify to the fact that we are a reliable, successful service company, which cares about its reputation and is the key supplier of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions on the territory of the CIS and neighbouring countries.

Our Advantages:

Our company employs the CIS’ largest multilingual, multinational team of certified professionals with long-term experience of implementing the solutions based on Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in the following industries:

  • Discrete manufacturing,
  • Oil and gas production,
  • Food products and FMCG distribution,
  • Metallurgy,
  • Mining,
  • Agriculture,
  • Real estate management.

Our consultants took part in numerous international, global projects of system rollout and have successful track record of ensuring the fulfilment of the global strategy of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation at the local level.

RBC Group‘s professionals have thorough knowledge of local business and tax accounting and successful experience of integrating local and corporate tax accounting, according to the general architecture settings of the implemented global solution Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

RBC Group’s support service currently employs over 10 consultants with long-standing experience of working in the system. Providing first-line technical support services, RBC Group’s technical support center communicates with its customers in 5 languages and covers 4 time zones.

Our Services

System Implementation

The time-proven implementation methodology used by RBC Group guarantees success and comprises several well-organized phases developed to achieve maximum implementation efficiency and control over investments.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation services consist in configuring, designing information flow directions and technical settings of the system. The implementation can be started with any subsystem according to the Customer’s chosen concept and priorities.

Business and tax accounting localization

RBC Group has successful long-term experience of implementing Оracle JD Edwards Enterprise One software and fulfils the projects of financial modules’ and subsystems’ localization for various western ERP-systems, according to the legislative requirements of the countries of its presence.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne localization package is a set of objects for business and tax accounting according to the legislative requirements of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. It includes the analysis of compliance of Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One software suite’s settings with the local law and the adaptation of the system settings and reports to the Customer’s existing business processes.

Transfer (migration) to a new system version

Over the last years, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has been considerably extended and improved. Therefore, the releases issued before 8.12 version are no longer supported by the developer itself.

Without updates to the product, the support of new operation systems, database technologies and up-to-date web browsers becomеs unavailable and the customer has limited capabilities to upgrade the technology infrastructure in general.

Training Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users, administrators and developers

Training of the client companies’ users is one of the focus areas of RBC Group’s business.

Standard training courses are delivered by the company’s staff in specialized computer classes where demo versions of the applications are installed. The course usually includes an overview of the key system’s modules with obligatory solving of practical tasks, and may be also tailored to the customer’s requirements, that is, include in-depth study of a certain module or function.

Technical support of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Оracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a technologically advanced, powerful and comprehensive system. RBC Group offers maximum assistance with the system’s services, control and technical support to its clients.

After the project of Оracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation is completed, RBC Group, if necessary, takes charge of the system’s technical support. As a rule, the technical support includes the following elements…

Hiring our consultants

Over 20 Оracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne consultants are employed at our company. We hire out our specialists to strengthen your implementation team. Our customers may work over your project both remotely and directly on your premises, or your Customer’s premises.

All of our specialists are fluent in English and have experience of participation in international global cross-cultural and international projects of Оracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation.

We offer the consultants specializing in the following system modules…

Developing additional applications

RBC Group provides the services in the development of additional applications and extending the functionality of the existing Оracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne modules.


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